Our CSR approach

Our CSR approach

Commitments that are close to our hearts

CSR approach: Growth and economic performance


A CSR approach is also synonymous with economic performance.

CSR approach: Respect for human rights and dignity

The human being

Respect for others is at the heart of our approach.

CSR approach: Respect for the environment

The environment

Thinking about the future of our planet is already part of a CSR approach.

"We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Giving meaning to donations

The CSR approach of ASALYAE-Finances and the association ASALYA

In our CSR approach, relies on E-Financesthe association ASALYAa humanist donation fund. It offers the possibility to any person, whether physical or moral, to invest in one or more projects that are close to their hearts. Childhood, education, animal cause, disability or biodiversity: the choice is vast and the cause great. Engaging as we do, means participating in solidarity actions that change people's lives, in France and abroad. It also means becoming an actor in a humanist society by combining growth, respect for people and the environment. ASALYA offers a transparent solidarity: it is possible to track and trace the donations made in order to know the concretization of their uses.


Main Secourable wants to open a maternity hospital in Chad

After building an eye clinic in Bitkine, Helpful Hand now wishes to combat mother-child mortality. The association wishes to create a multidisciplinary clinic hosting a maternity ward, a medical gynaecology service and a P.M.I. consultation centre (maternal and child protection).

The mission of the association

Since the 1980s, Helpful Hand works to help disadvantaged populations access health care, which is almost non-existent in Chad.


L’Animal Mediation Association wishes to buy a training ground for dogs and train its volunteers to monitor and support children who are dropping out of school, teenagers from the Child Judicial Protection or the Educational Protection of Children.

The mission of the association

L’Animal Mediation Association accompanies disabled children and adults, autistic and trisomic, and the elderly through Assistance and Equitherapy Dogs.

Let us participate together in the sustainable development of our planet